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I’m all about coaching affiliate marketing and sharing the best programs and resources with my members and help you to be successful online and get the most out of the programs. This is my review about EMP.

I started my online business with EMP (affiliate marketing and coaching program) and that was one of the biggest mistakes I made, I’ll tell you later why… Now that I’ve a year of full-time network marketing behind me I know a lot more and I tested many different things to see if it works or not.

Most of it just doesn’t work at all or not as they tell you it should work because of the issues in the system. And many of the systems don’t teach you the right thing, they teach you to get familiar with their system only and they teach you to promote their stuff so they get more sales and not you. I didn’t start an online business to promote other people and systems that I’m not getting paid for, I’m working for me, not someone else!

And most affiliate marketing and coaching programs don’t teach you that if you start with earning an income online that you MUST have your legal pages on your website before you ever start promoting anything, you can get into serious legal issues and get sued before you ever earn a buck. They totally ignore those things and don’t tell you that, the same thing about the special rules we have in Europe and the UK. You MUST have a cookie warning on your website if you target people in the EU and UK zone, if you don’t have it and you sell something to someone in the UK or EU zone you are taking too much risk and if you don’t get sued you are just a very lucky person until someone wakes up, it will ruin your business even before you ever have earned your first dollar online.

And such people call themselves guru?!?!

They just lack the authority you really need to help you starting an online business the right way.

Or you get a system that’s only concentrating on one particular strategy, that’s also not going to work for you take that from me, it just doesn’t work.

What you need is owning your systems and have permission to completely control everything, you must be the admin and you must have access to every part of your website in the first place, you also need to start with the foundation of your business and that’s building an email subscriber list.

If you haven’t got total control and you don’t have a system like The Rapid List Building System that I own, you can forget to ever be successful online. List building is the foundation of your company and you must have it in place because if someone signs up to your list you don’t have to pay more to keep marketing to that same person and that saves you a lot of money.

If you start to build a house you don’t start with the roof also… right?

Next I’m gonna tell you what I think of the EMP program.

Why I believe that Elite Marketing Pro isn’t one of the good affiliate marketing and coaching programs…

The main reason why I initially thought it was a good thing to do is because they have a huge database with affiliate marketing resources and they have a coaching program so it really seemed to be a good thing to partner up with Tim Erway’s EMP.

Well I can tell you why I believe that the opposite is true…

First thing they don’t even talk about in any way is that you must have your legal pages in place before you ever start promoting anything, not having your legal pages is the way to get into major legal issues and if you get sued you’ll be bankrupt before you even earn a dollar. So keep that in mind if you are promoting stuff online.

You also need to have an earnings disclaimer on the same page as where you have your promotion and written in the same fonts and you can’t write it with a different or smaller font. It must be very clear to people that you earn something if they use any links you promote on your website.

Only these two little things can get you into a lot of problems you don’t need and I never have seen or heard someone from EMP talking about it, that’s one big reason why I believe that EMP isn’t the way for you to start earning an income online.

The second big thing that I really didn’t like about EMP is that you must buy their products to be able to promote it yourself and they do something really sneaky after you have purchased a product you get your 100% commission what they say, only you can’t sell it for the price you paid for it… Nooooo no no no, you can be happy if you can sell it for 1/3 of the price you paid for it initially.

I tell you what happened to me…

I purchased the first product called the Attraction Marketing Formula, luckily that I could print that out so I have it on paper and they can’t take it away from me anymore. However I paid $299 for it and they told me that if I sell it I will get 100% commission paid out. That’s ok I thought, right?


I don’t get exactly 100% commissions if I sell their products as an affiliate it’s a little bit less, about 97% in the first place and I believe that even if you take just a little bit, even the 3% you need to be honest and just tell that to people. I didn’t see that until I found some strange things and started to really check every little detail about the EMP system and it’s just not right…

And I could promote the exact same product for only $47

See, if I only get about $45 for every AMF course, I need to sell it at least 7 times before I earn my investment back

Does that sounds fair to you?

I really can’t tell you exactly what I think about this in public because it would be too much swearing, man I don’t even have the words for it…

Moving on to the next thing I also don’t like at all is that if you buy a few products because you want to earn more and have different things to promote that you must buy before you can sell it yourself, they put it on a online list in the EMP backoffice and when you decide that EMP isn’t what you thought and want to move on to something better you’ll lose access to all the products that you paid a lot of money for all in one sweep… Or you have multiple products and EMP on a monthly basis for example and you can’t pay for the next bill, well that’s very unlucky for you but you now have nothing to promote anymore and I believe that’s very sneaky and they don’t tell anything about it, never!

Does that sounds fair to you?

They also keep distracting you with promoting their other stuff and webinars that don’t give you the crucial information you need to get to the next level but they just keep mumbling telling how great they are and how great the system is and so on… And that keeps you from moving forward with your business.

To see what I’m doing online…

and for my training you need to go to my official website. I’m sure you’ll find whatever you need if you are looking for anything in the internet marketing industry. I have a lot of resources that help you save time and money.

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