eBay Listing Basics

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Are you stuck in what to write on your eBay tile?

We have put a video here on this post to show you the basic instructions on the best way to get started on making your title. Remember always use strong keywords that you would probably type in the eBay search yourself to look for the item you are selling, keyword titles is king when it comes to getting high up in the eBay search also to achieve more views for your item.

Doing this will increase your views on the item your selling by vast amount giving you a better and higher selling point always make sure your pictures are also clear and try to add as many as you can. When saving your pictures for uploading to eBay try and name them the same as your eBay title this will also give your item a better ranking within…

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2 thoughts on “eBay Listing Basics

  1. Thank you Ricardo. It’s starting to come along nicely. Anyone who wants help and support in building upon the marketing niche you currently have talk to Ricardo as the level of professionalism and attitude to getting the job done is unbelievable and he comes highly recommended from myself.

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